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About htz Hot Teaze

The htz Hot Teaze is the latest revolution in hair design products. Quickly and easily it can help to:

  • Volumize thin hair to look and feel thicker.
  • Lift long, silky or heavy hair creating bounce. It is now easier to achieve voluminous up do's without the need for back combing.
  • Enhance thick, layered or short hair to achieve instant shape, height, bounce and definition.
  • No back combing leads to less stress on the hair. Be free from tangles and style hair freely.
  • Lifting the hair from the scalp can reduce oil build up, resulting in less washing and product use.
  • Have total control - Heat temperature dial and self sectioning points perform fast. A real time saver.
  • Ergonomic, variable sized plates to suit all lengths of hair.
  • Provide long lasting results.

Need to know more?

 This innovative appliance has taken nine years to perfect. Designed by a professional hair stylist, the htz Hot Teaze provides women with thin hair the unique ability to create body that lasts, give long hair a bouncy lift and thick hair defined shape. All of this in just minutes and with minimum fuss.

The unique ergonomic design of the htz Hot Teaze removes the need to section the hair providing texture at the roots resulting in body. Those of you who self-style at home will find the htz Hot Teaze easy to use and it gives impressive results in minutes. The advancement in our technology and design means our product reduces the amount of damage usually caused by other hair tools.

Our commitment is to provide women with high quality, easy to use tools to achieve amazing results every time. 

There is no need to section the hair as the htz Hot Teaze does it for you. No need for teasing anymore, just watch as the volume appears with each application.

Finally, a real solution to adding body that lasts for women with fine hair. A new efficient way for long hair to achieve body for easier styling. A fast and effective way for revamping the shape of thick hair.

The award-winning design of the htz Hot Teaze provides the user with the ability to target the hairs roots providing styles that can last for days. Be bold, look great every day.

Be bold. Add instant volume with ease

The revolutionary htz Hot Teaze gives you amazing volume instantly, every day. No sectioning, no teasing, just volume like never before. Creating texture at the roots of the hair, the htz Hot Teaze provides volume that lasts, is noticeable and will enhance all types of hair.

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Video tutorials

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  • I was lucky to come across Anne and Janet and their htz Hot Teaze hot iron. At first I could not believe that something like this had not been invented and hit the market yet... READ MORE
Professional Fashion Stylist - Karen
  • I use a multitude of hair tools but have to say that the htz Hot Teaze is something that I have not seen before in what it does for my clients and me... READ MORE
Professional Home Hairdresser - Gemma
  • To deliver volumized hair with lift in now such a short periodof time, is our benefit, now and into the future. Time is back to us, volumized hair that is no longer flat and lifeless. The htz Hot Teaze is ours… WOW ! ... READ MORE
Professional Hairdresser - Kay
  • We met on Shark Tank and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the htz Hot Teaze. It's great and I love it! I was just demo-ing it to the makeup team on another well known Australia drama so suspect you'll be hearing from them any minute too. Thank you again and wish you so much success with your fabulous creation...READ MORE
Professional Studio Hair/Makeup - Bonnie

Tips about the htz Hot Teaze

Anne Vine, creator of the HTZ Hot Teaze, talks to Professional Educator Lorna Evans, about its features, benefits and why it is a must have in Lorna's kit.

Tips about the htz Hot Teaze