About us

Our story

It all started back in 2003 when, Anne, a professional hair stylist by trade, had an idea. Her hair had started thinning and she discovered a way to get more volume using an ordinary crimping iron. Over the years, Anne discovered new ways to achieve even more volume by improving the crimping iron plates and introducing self-sectioning functionality. The result is the htz Hot Teaze, an innovative hair styling appliance that combines ergonomics and efficiency.
In partnership with her niece, Janet, Anne took her idea to the next level. This dynamic duo found a designer in Perth, Western Australia to bring the htz Hot Teaze to production. The first prototype was developed in 2011, with the help of Anne’s brother, Grant, and his wife Sheree.

Ever since, we’ve been perfecting the htz Hot Teaze to ensure a reliable, professional product that gives tremendous results. Volumizing and hair styling has never been so easy or fast!

Our Team

Our amazing team is made up of family, friends, professional hairdressers/stylists, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, designers and marketing consultants. 
All of us at htz Hair Revolution strive to live up to our brand as classy, bold, unique and professional individuals.

Happy Days

Following our win at the Australian Design Selection Awards in June 2017, the first htz Hot Teaze shipment arrived in Australia in August of the same year. With great excitement, we started promotions and demonstrations  immediately. The feedback from happy customers who have seen the htz Hot Teaze in action has been overwhelmingly positive.

 htz Hair Revolution will be releasing more appliances and accessories to salons in the future. We will seek to maintain our high standards throughout our whole product range. 

 htz products are ideal for stylish men and women who want a long-lasting professional finish with minimal fuss.

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