Armed and dangerous...with the htz Hot Teaze

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Feeling a little flat? The htz Hot Teaze is here to help.

We have had an increasing influx of salons and stylists wanting out htz Hot Teaze for amazing wedding/ball/TV hair and we have been happy with the results.

Here are some other things we have discovered on our journey with htz...

Have you ever had static in your hair? This is not the most attractive form of volume for hair types but here is a nice way to eliminate it. If you do find your hair rises to the occasion after treating it with heat, spray your hands slightly with hair spray and run your hands gently down the ends and BOOM no more frizz.

Ever hate how your fringe goes oily before the rest of your scalp? Our htz Hot Teaze is the solution. Using it at the roots of your oily fringe can help separate the hair for a new, fresher look!

A simple solution to a phat (with a PH) braid is the htz Hot Teaze. Use it before braiding the hair and your braid will double in size. The perks of teazing and still being able to manage the hair. Eliminate the NEST!

Have a new style that you love when you walk out of the salon, only to find it drops in shape, or never looks the same again after a wash? The htz Hot Teaze at the roots can lift hair giving it back body, texture and shape. The hair salons are catching on and many now have our product for all hair types so email us at for salon details.

Like to curl up on a rainy night? Why not curl your hair! The htz Hot Teaze does this, but if you want to add a bit of funk, why not do a textured curl?  By placing the plates softly together on your htz Hot Teaze while moving down the hair in a curl action, you can get mermaid hair faster than you can say "Give me BIG baby!"

So put your cool tools to the test and email us on if you have more tips and tricks. New things can be accomplished with the htz Hot Teaze and we would love to hear of it!



Thank you.





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