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  • I was lucky to come across Anne and Janet and their htz Hot Teaze hot iron. At first I could not believe that something like this had not been invented and hit the market yet... READ MORE
Professional Fashion Stylist - Karen
  • I use a multitude of hair tools but have to say that the htz Hot Teaze is something that I have not seen before in what it does for my clients and me... READ MORE
Professional Home Hairdresser - Gemma
  • To deliver volumized hair with lift in now such a short periodof time, is our benefit, now and into the future. Time is back to us, volumized hair that is no longer flat and lifeless. The htz Hot Teaze is ours… WOW ! ... READ MORE
Professional Hairdresser - Kay
  • We met on Shark Tank and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the htz Hot Teaze. It's great and I love it! I was just demo-ing it to the makeup team on another well known Australia drama so suspect you'll be hearing from them any minute too. Thank you again and wish you so much success with your fabulous creation...READ MORE
Professional Studio Hair/Makeup - Bonnie