Big Hair Is Now!

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Tying your hair up these days can lead to extra stress on your hair. As convenient as it is, we need to look after what we have and nurture our hair. I tie my hair up for the gym however there are lots of ways we can have that perfect updo without the strain. Here are some ideas on how, with minimum fuss, you can keep your hair in mint condition.

Keep washing to a minimum.

Hair has natural oils that can build and move down the shaft locking in moisture. Over washing our hair can lead to more oil production. With more oil it can result in more washing than is required. Some people have said that by training the hair to go longer without a wash can reduce this oil build up over time and lead to less washing. Dry shampoos work a treat for those in between times as well as a htz Hot Teaze tool that lifts the hair at the roots so oil from the scalp won’t accumulate as fast. Using a htz Hot Teaze on slightly oily hair can revitalise your style by separating the hair, giving texture and relieving you from a few days washing. A top tip is to wash only your fringe, if you have one, to freshen up your look, but leave the rest of the hair natural.


 Use a hair friendly brush.

There are so many brushes out there, in all shapes, sizes and colours. The best one for your hair is the one that leaves your scalp purring and doesn’t pull! Vigorous brushing will result in hair falling out, split ends and tangles. With tangles comes more brushing and the whole cycle begins again. So invest in a great brush, one that has soft bristles. My brush is from which is amazing. It leaves the hair silky, smooth and relaxed.
Ready for some htz Hot Teazing!

If you tie it up use good elastics.

I was sceptical however the little snag free hair elastics that I see in the shops work. Even though they look rather nasty, I have found that when pulling them out of my hair they are better than anything else I have tried. I highly recommend these little babies for the hair ups and gym sessions in your life.

Trim, eat, sleep, repeat…

Regularly trimming your hair keeps it healthy. Even half a centimetre at the ends, every 8 weeks, can encourage stronger, healthier hair. Eat healthy and eat regularly. Too many people are losing weight by not eating and this can lead to all sorts of negative effects on your body, including hair loss. Maintain a healthy diet, with a variety of protein and iron and hair will grow. More about this can be found on the web, thank you Google! Sleeping with your hair up or your hair down? Well, if you have a silk pillow case, these can help or simply a thin scarf wrapped around your hair at night preventing pulls. Lovely on a cold night too. Some people prefer to braid their hair however I find that is the last thing I feel like doing before plopping into bed. So I loosely tie my hair with a scrunchie (leaopard print if you’re wondering) and hope for the best.

Remember Big Hair is IN

Go with the flow, embrace your curls, kick up those ends, boost up the roots and get that party hair! If you want even more volume a htz Hot Teaze will enhance all of these features in minutes.
Love your hair, make it big with htz Hot Teaze.

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