Big hair performance on Shark Tank

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That is right, we were on Shark Tank. Never had we been so nervous, however the experience turned out to be amazing. The htz Hot Teaze in Annie's hands worked just as expected and the judges loved it. If you missed our episode you can find it here.
Our favourite part about appearing on Shark Tank was the response from the enthusiastic hair and makeup ladies on set. After filming was complete Annie was whisked away to demonstrate our amazing appliance in finer detail resulting in these lovely ladies all obtaining their own htz Hot Teaze.
Of course sales figures have changed since filming as expos have been providing us with great exposure. With more salons expressing interest we are very happy with the results.
No doubt you will see us again at an Expo (Brisbane Hair and Beauty and Sydney Beauty Expo) or experience the htz Hot Teaze in a salon near you.
For now we will enjoy riding this wave and thank Shark Tank and the producers for a thrilling and successful adventure.
Please follow this link if you would like to see us on Shark Tank.
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